2014 International Vehicle Aerodynamics Conference

Altair UK exhibited at the 2014 International Vehicle Aerodynamics Conference at Loughborough University this past October.  This successful and prestigious conference series provides a unique opportunity for engineers, designers, academics, and researchers to collaborate on the latest developments across all fields related to aerodynamics.  There was strong representation from both commercial entities and academia with respect to interesting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) topics and challenges.

The conference is hosted by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in London, which is one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions promoting energy, environment, transport, manufacturing, and education for future engineers. With over 100,000 members in more than 140 countries, IMechE has been inspiring and improving the world through engineering and professional events.  This particular event focused on the development of the aerodynamics discipline and its impact on vehicle designs and the environment.

RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science

Presentations were of very high quality.  One gentleman from Japan’s RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science discussed multi-billion cell models in the context of pre- and post-processing.  The general trend seemed to be toward transient simulation, with some people running discrete-event simulations (DES), though not the Formula 1 community due to a resource restriction agreement.  There was a lot of focus on tire simulation and characterizing the influence of tire design on separation, drag, etc.  Bottom line, most styling teams want access to quick and easy aerodynamic simulation.

Altair has the unique distinction of being a leading solver software company with significant expertise in both high-performance computing and applied engineering.  Our broad portfolio of aerodynamics simulation solutions was well received by many who were previously only familiar with HyperMesh®.  Special thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Altair exhibition, we look forward to participating next year!

Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams

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Lydia Williams is the marketing and events coordinator for Altair UK. Previously, she managed the UK office and has been with Altair since 2009. Prior to joining the company, she spent time in various administration roles. Lydia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The University of Central Lancashire.