CAE and HPC on the Cloud: Infinite Design Exploration

The ATCx Cloud “Infinite Design Exploration” series kicked off this past December in Gaydon, UK, at the Heritage Motor Centre In Warwickshire. Four customers presented significant innovations enabled by cloud implementations, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivered an overview of that platform’s capabilities. All attendees were given the unique opportunity to experience the Altair Cloud on their own models during the event.

HyperWorks UnlimitedTM Virtual was showcased, offering unlimited access to the HyperWorks and PBS Works suites.


Hieta, University of Edinburgh, Vertu and Zodiac Aerospace are using the Altair Cloud to explore large design scenarios to make innovative products while reducing time to market. Ravi Kunju and Venkat Parameshwaran of Altair co-presented an introduction to the Altair Cloud offering and performed live demonstrations showing how it may be used by customers for large-scale design of experiments, stochastic studies, and numerical optimization.

Tom Goodwin explained how organizations can radically change the way they design products through multidisciplinary optimization on the cloud, and Ian Littlewood outlined the diverse capabilities of the Altair PBS Works workload management suite.


Special thanks to all attendees and presenters for contributing to a successful outcome of the inaugural ATCx Cloud event!

Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams

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Lydia Williams is the marketing and events coordinator for Altair UK. Previously, she managed the UK office and has been with Altair since 2009. Prior to joining the company, she spent time in various administration roles. Lydia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from The University of Central Lancashire.