2012: Simulation’s Year of Discovery

In 2012, a growing number of industries discovered new ways to use simulation to improve their designs, safety, performance and sustainability. While the automotive sector continued to increase its reliance on simulation to make vehicles lighter and more fuel-efficient, engineers and designers found ways that simulation could save weight, costs and lives in everything from cruise ships to airliners.

We touched on these emerging trends throughout the year, and here are the top five trend-related posts that I believe demonstrate the future of simulation in our products and our lives:

Dallara Racecars Speed Innovation Through Simulation

Engineers in the racing community continue to spark advancements in weight savings and efficiency—and HyperWorks is one of their principal tools.

Could Crash Modeling Have Saved the Concordia?

The Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster has generated many questions, but one in particular haunts survivors and onlookers alike: Could this disaster have been prevented?

Simulation, light-weighting key in achieving fuel economy and emissions goals for automakers

Manufacturers are recognizing that new rules relating to the ways automotive technology impacts our lives require new technologies to change the way we build vehicles.

Dreamliner Delamination: Aircraft Designers Turn to Simulation to Avert Issues

The recent delamination issue with the Boeing 787 highlights the challenges in moving to different manufacturing methods with new materials.

A Maturity Model for Simulation

How can we raise management’s awareness of the importance of simulation? Consider the idea of the maturity model for simulation, which could offer a path to C-suite recognition.

Best wishes for real-time success in the coming year!

Mirko Bromberger
Mirko Bromberger

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Mirko Bromberger is Altair's Marketing Director at Altair GmbH. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany. He has been with Altair since 2004, working in various positions in consulting, application engineering, sales and marketing.