1st Carriots Development Challenge: make an Internet Stuffed Toy

Calling all the Internet of Things enthusiast, Makers, Creative Designers, Electric Engineers, Software Engineers, Toy Designers and kids! Here is a challenge for you. We are organizing a contest to elect the best stuffed-toy using the Internet of Things. Any maker, or team of makers, can create their toy and submit it to our contest. The winner will get a prize of $250 (USD) in a gift voucher from Amazon, and the possibility of additional financing to present the project to a crowd-funding platform. Submit your project before April 4th 2013. An independent jury will elect the winner on April 11th 2013.


At Carriots.com we want people to create amazing new products by connecting simple objects to the Internet and creating applications for them on Carriots. In order to promote that vision, we are organizing our first development challenge open to anyone around the world. Imagine how an Internet stuffed-toy should be and create it.

  • Should it be a teddy bear that tells stories to kids, recorded by grandpa thousands of miles away?
  • Could it be a sock monkey that teaches maths to kids?
  • Perhaps you want to build a Good Night Bunny toy that watches over your baby’s sleep and warns you in case of fever?
  • Maybe it can be all of that; or something completely new.

Get creative, build a prototype and present it to our contest. You can win a gift voucher from Amazon and if the prototype is really good, we can even give you additional support to present your product to a crowd-funding platform and make it a real product!

Challenge Description:

The idea of this challenge is very simple: create a prototype of a stuffed-toy that connects to the Internet (using some hardware platform like Arduino or Raspberry –Pi, you are free to choose, or even combine them) and build an App on Carriots to provide some of the minimum requested features.

  • You are free to choose the design of the toy: a teddy bear, a bunny, a Domo Kun, your own monster design or carrot.
  • You are free to choose the electronics used for the prototype but it must fit inside the stuffed-toy. You can use a Raspberry-Pi (http://www.raspberrypi.org/ ), or an Arduino,( http://www.arduino.cc/ ), or a Beagleboard (http://beagleboard.org/ ), or a Gooseberry ( http://gooseberry.atspace.co.uk/ ), or a Parallella (http:// http://www.adapteva.com/ ) , or any other similar platform. Create a super cool stuffed toy by adding more electronics, like buttons, sensors, a display, a speaker, etc…
  • You can build any additional functionality you want, but you have to implement the minimum requested features of the challenge (described below).
  • You can use any connection type to the Internet on the stuffed-toy: WiFi, 3G or even Ethernet.
  • You can use our FREE account on Carriots to develop the application for your prototype. You use it for device management, communicate with other stuffed toys or devices (like a smart phone or tablet), integration with Twitter or Dropbox, or even send SMS and emails for FREE.
  • We have created a demo prototype ourselves using a Raspberry-Pi as an example you can improve (check below).

Prize for the winner:

There will be only 1 winner who will get a Gift Voucher of 250$ (USD) from Amazon.com . If the winner is a team of individuals, they will share the prize and the gift voucher will be sent by email to the team contact person.

Who can participate? :

Any person over 18 years old, or team of participants with at least one member over 18 can participate in the contest without any cost.

The contact person of a team must be over 18 years old.

Participants can reside in any country around the world and their local laws must let them participate in this contest.

How to participate:

Participants must:

  • Build a stuffed toy working prototype.
  • Use Carriots platform as part of the stuffed toy’s application.
  • Record a video showing the stuffed toy’s functionalities and upload it to the Internet either through YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox.

Submit the prototype description along with the video link to the contest page on Carriots ( http://www.carriots.com/community/challenge1 ) before April 4th 2013.

Minimum Requested Features for a project:

The stuffed toy must implement at least all of the following features with an application developed on Carriots.com :

  • The stuffed toy tells the kid a tale (either with video or sound) recorded by their parents or grand parents: The stuffed toy will get the file playlist from Carriots and its integration with Dropbox. The toy owner (parents or gran parents) will record a video or audio file and store it in their Dropbox account. See an example on our demo project.
  • Configure the stuffed toy using Carriots:Use Carriots Device Management module to configure the stuffed toy’s properties like:
    • Name of girl or boy using the toy: A program installed on the toy to customize the dialogs with the kid can use this. See an example on our demo project.
    • Other parameters of the toy: like toy’s working hours. Example: the toy should remain inactive between 8PM and 8AM.

Ways to submit a project:

Participants must submit the prototype description a long with the video link to the contest page on Carriots ( http://www.carriots.com/community/challenge1 ) before April 4th 2013 at 23:59 Madrid (Spain) time.

Participants will get a confirmation of their proposal by email.

Challenge launch date:

The launch date of this contest or challenge is the 7th of February 2013.

Deadline to submit a project:

All projects descriptions must be submitted before April 4th 2013 at 23:59 Madrid (Spain) time.

Winner selection:

A jury chosen by Carriots will select the challenge winner. The jury members (not related to Carriots) will be announced before April 1st 2013.

Challenge winner will be announced on the 11th of April 2013 on Carriots blog (blog.carriots.com) .

Criteria to select a winner:

Jury members will evaluate proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Design creativity
  • Functionalities
  • Potential to become a real product
  • Features based on Carriots functionalities

Project’s intellectual property:

The participant or team of participants will retain all the intellectual property of their product and design.

Project’s image rights:

The participant or team of participants will retain all the image rights of their product and design. The participant or team of participants will grant image rights to Carriots S.L. to use it in marketing and promotional material, in any media and for an unlimited time, without any cost.

Carriots support to developers:

Carriots team has prepared these actions to support the participants:

  • We have made a demo project based on Raspberry, which can be your starting point. We provide a project description with the electronic design, embedded software, code on Carriots and code for a front-end webpage.
  • We have prepared a section on our forum, where you can post questions and our developers will answer you.
  • We will organize a workshop at IOT Madrid, some time in March to help developers. That workshop will be also transmitted on a Google Hangout or a similar streaming platform.

Optional promotion and support to winner to launch a crowd-funding project:

If Carriots management thinks the winning prototype is really good, we will contact the winner and offer financial and technical support to launch the product on a crowd-funding platform like Kickstarter.com or similar. Carriots is committed to support IoT makers community.

Challenge organisation and Promotion:

This contest is organised by Carriots S.L. of Spain.

Additional organisation and support is done by IOT Madrid group ( http://www.meetup.com/iotmadrid/ ). Thank you Cesar and Sara for your support!

Terms and Conditions to participate in this Challenge (apart from the described above):

  • By submitting a project to the contest, the participant or participants (in case of a team) explicitly accept these terms and conditions.
  • Any person over 18 years old, or team of participants with at least one member over 18 can participate in the contest without any charge.
  • Carriots S.L. as the main organizer of this challenge, or contest, can change the terms and conditions of this contest without prior notice. If any change is made to the terms and conditions of this contest, the new information will be published in Carriots website or it’s blog.
  • The prize-winner is responsible to pay any tax that may affect for winning the prize.
  • The participants allow Carriots team to inspect its account activity in order to check the correct behaviour or the submitted prototype.

Domo Kun is trademark and copyright of NHK.

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Alvaro Everlet

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