1st 90 Days: New Job Essentials

The pressure to live up to exacting standards while under scrutiny in a new role can increase stress and set a new worker on a collision course with problems. Why make a new job more difficult? Starting a role simply calls for some common sense and a positive mindset. From my perspective as a hiring professional, here are a few proven and stress-reducing core values that make a job transition easier:

1. Integrity– Be your (professional) self.

You made no misrepresentations during the interview, unless you include acting more nervous than usual. Why would you start pretending to be an idealized image of the “perfect employee” now? The hiring manager liked you enough to offer the job. Just be genuine and make it easy for your new team to work with you.

2. Work Ethic – Do the job you were hired to do.
Your paycheck is meant to be an exchange for services rendered. Learn the new duties and do them well. Completing a little extra work could help earn the goodwill of your new company too.

3. Humility – Remember you don’t know everything.
Though you may be skilled in your field, this is the time to admit to yourself that you are not an expert at the new company’s methods. Take time to ask questions and learn the dynamics of the new workplace.


Even for aerospace engineers, the essence of adapting to a new job is not based on rocket science. These three examples of mindset simply harness what you already know. People who truly adopt these basic values will find it takes minimal effort to apply them—no memorized lists and none of the worrying that can overshadow the excitement of a new job. These principles can still apply long after the first 90 days both to sustain and to enhance an entire career.

I wish you all the best with the next step in your career! Ready to test your job transition mindset? Apply for one of our open positions!

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Dan Curtis
Dan Curtis

About Dan Curtis

Dan joined Altair ProductDesign in 2013 as a Technical Recruiter for Client Site Services. He uses his 10 years of recruiting experience to connect people to opportunities for career growth. Dan works in the business development side of the team where attention to detail matters due to the great number of niche roles in need of the right personnel. He enjoys coaching people in job transitions and writing. He attained a Bachelor of Science degree in English through Rochester College.