The Shortcut To Becoming an Excel Spreadsheet Champion

Did you know that a 17-year-old from northern Virginia won the world championship for Excel spreadsheets? Did you know he was also the first American to win that title in 16 years? You read that right. There is a world championship for Excel spreadsheets, and it was won by a teenager who has never set foot in an office. (Though his dream job is to do data analytics for baseball, “Moneyball” style.)

If you work with Excel spreadsheets every day, you spend an enormous amount of time cleaning up and extracting data, consolidating tables, combining data sets, and reconciling reports. It’s not something the average teenager would do for fun. As the NY Post article states, spreadsheets are ‘the bane of office workers everywhere.’ Even though there are billions of Excel users worldwide, only a small percentage can truly call themselves experts. The rest of us? We’ve probably spent hours on YouTube tutorials and still struggle.

Thankfully, there’s a way around this. In fact, you can get your data cleaned up and ready for use with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Every Data Analyst’s Secret Weapon: Self-Service Data Preparation Software

With self-service data preparation software, you don’t have to learn all the complicated tools or have the patience of a saint to go through the repetitive and tedious data preparation process in order to excel in using Excel.

Here are a few things a self-service data preparation software can do for you, so you can get data cleanup and manipulation done in a matter of minutes, not hours:

  • Preview data before loading to make sure you have the right information to avoid unnecessary work
  • Extract data from reports, PDFs, and websites then parse the information into row and columns
  • Eliminate “noise” such as links and images from online sources so you don’t have to spend hours re-keying the data
  • Automatically update data from websites so you can always have the latest information
  • Combine data sets and consolidate data tables with just a few mouse-clicks
  • Mask sensitive data to stay compliant or create aliases to aggregate information securely
  • Replace nulls and fix missing data in a matter of minutes
  • Improve data accuracy and productivity with better collaboration tools, as well as track history and edit previous versions
  • Automatically update reports when new data becomes available
  • Reuse data prep process for another data set so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

The Shortcut To Being An Excel Champion

Unlike the contestants in the Excel competition, you don’t have to spend months learning all the tricks and features of this complicated tool.

Altair Monarch — a best-in-class self-service data preparation software — will make you an Excel champion with just a few keystrokes.

Imagine automated and intelligent data joins, without VLOOKUPS or complicated Excel operations. Monarch offers a wizard that makes data joins easy.

Our customers all over the world, including Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Au Bon Pain, Shop Rite, and more, are using Altair to change the way they do business.

In fact, Marbridge Foundation experienced an ROI of 495% in just one month by shaving 2,000 – 3,500 hours of manual data re-entry.